Oleh Pankevych
Deputy of Ukraine
Member of the political council of "Svoboda"

July 23 2014 Letter of Oleh Pankevych regarding the sale of Mistral class amphibious assault carriers has been transferred to the French Embassy

A demonstration of civic activists took place in front of the French Embassy in Kyiv on 22 July 2014. During the demonstration the representatives of the Embassy were handed an international petition against the sale of Mistral class warships to the Russian Federation. Together with the petition, the Embassy representatives received a letter of Oleh Pankevych, Deputy Head of Svoboda, addressed to the French Ambassador Alaine Remy.

March 27 2014 Oleh Pankevych: "Ukrainian nationalism in Svoboda's interpretation" has nothing to do with chauvinism, xenophobia or anti-Semitism

Responding to an article in the newspaper "Spiegel," Deputy Chairman of Svoboda party, MP of Ukraine Oleh Pankevych stated in a letter the following: "Svoboda is a modern political party, which is open to cooperation. In our international activities we are looking for those supporting traditional European values, human rights, the rights of nations, respect their sovereignty and oppose imperialism; those partners, whose vision concerning Ukraine, European and global challenges has something in common with our own point of view.".

March 19 2014 A letter to the President of Alliance of European National Movements

Deputy Chairman of the Svoboda party sent a letter to the President of the Alliance of European National Movements Bruno Gollnisch criticizing short-sighted and pro-Russian positions of the Alliance regarding situation in Ukraine. "We are again enforced to response to a systematic disinformation campaign launched by the Russian Federation in Europe and world aimed at the discredit of Ukraine, Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian nationalists", - stated Oleh Pankevych. Full text of the letter to the Alliance of European National Movements is available below.

March 19 2014 Svoboda urges Bundestag to trust only objective information on the situation in Ukraine

The All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" announces about the deliberate misrepresentation of the situation in Ukraine by the leader of the Left in the German parliament Gregor Gysi and urges Bundestag to trust only objective unbiased information. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" Oleh Pankevych in a letter to the President of the Bundestag and the leaders of all political groups in the German parliament.

March 7 2014 Svoboda urges "National Front" (France) not to distort information about the current events in Ukraine

On March 1st on the National Front's website (frontnational.com) published a statement regarding the political situation in Ukraine, including Russian intervention in the Crimea. Thus, they state that the current Ukrainian government is illegitimate. Moreover, the party claims that the new government was formed under an act of duress exercised by "radical militants who blew up democracy". In conclusion it is mentioned that new Ukrainian authorities "deny Russian-speaking population's rights, censors opposition TV and destroys the Orthodox churches".

December 13 2013 Oleh Pankevych: We should find a political solution

The interview with Oleh Pankevych, MP of Ukraine from Svoboda party, was recorded during the Euromaidan rally in Kyiv (December 2013), spoke Dariush Maternjak.

February 21 2013 Oleh Pankevych: Authorities' statements about European integration is euro hypocrisy

In November this year Ukraine has a chance to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. Will our country succeed in becoming an associate member of the EU under the current leadership, what will this status mean and what are the real foreign policy plans of the government and President? We discuss these issues with Mr Oleh Pankevych who is a Ukrainian MP belonging to All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda", Vice-chairman of the Committee for European Integration, Vice-chairman of All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda".

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