Oleh Pankevych
Deputy of Ukraine
Member of the political council of "Svoboda"

August 28 2014 Oleh Pankevych to Czech President: We do not have a civil war, but Russian invasion

"It is not a civil war ongoing in Ukraine, but Russian military incursion. It is evidenced by hundreds of dead Russian commandos whose bodies are regularly transported via Ukrainian-Russian border". This is written in the Deputy Head of Svoboda, MP Oleh Pankevych's address to the Czech Ambassador Ivan Pochukha regarding the statements of Czech President Miloš Zeman about the situation in Ukraine.

"Mr Zeman calls the events in Ukraine a "civil war". Besides, the Czech President calls Maidan protest "a movement of not only prodemocratic protestors, but also "banderite forces". The latter seems to be used with negative connotations towards the Ukrainian nationalists majority of whom consider themselves ideological heirs of Stepan Bandera - a fighter for Ukrainian independence", - notes Oleh Pankevych.

Hence, he asks the Ambassador to inform the Czech President about the following.

"Beginning with the end-February this year a carefully crafted plan of aggression is being realised in Ukraine. This plan was in the pipeline of the Russian special services for years. Its final aim is to destroy Ukrainian statehood. I maintain a widespread view that the occupation and absorption of Ukraine is considered by neoimperial Russia as a main step to its own global strengthening and restoration of the Soviet imperialistic model.

I would like to believe that Mr Zeman remembers history and those tragedies that Soviet occupation inflicted on Czechs. That Mr Zeman knows the words of Putin that the disintegration of USSR was the biggest geopolitical catastrophy of the XXth century.

It is not a civil war in Ukraine, but a Russian military intervention. The evidence of this is in hundreds of Russian commandos whose bodies are regularly transported through uncontrolled Ukrainian-Russian border. The elements of the airborne troops from Pskov and Kostroma, motorized infantry elements from Maikop are dying in Ukraine along with the other Russians, Chechens, Daghestanis and many others. On 26 August alone a plane with a big number of wounded military arrived to Saint Petersburg to "host" them at the local Military Medical Academy. Should it be for civil war in Ukraine, then what such a number of the Russian armed men are doing there?! I can provide you with many facts of Russian military incursion into Ukraine. If Mr Zeman lacks official information I would suggest to address Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that would be in a position to provide a sufficient number of the official documents and evidence.

The negative remarks of Mr Zeman regarding the presence of "banderite forces" at Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity only prove that his judgement is formed under the pressure of Russian propaganda. Because even a superficial familiarity with the Ukrainian history - non-corrupted by Soviet and Russian disinformation machines - convinces that Stepan Bandera is an adamant personality, a man who till his last days fought for the Ukrainian independence and against totalitarian regimes. It is under the banderites' flag of the Organisation of Ukrianian Nationalists that Armenians, Jews, Georgians, Russians and other nationalities were fighting. Banderite political world-view endows a man with freedom, rights and homeland. Banderites are not characterised by chauvinism or superficial attitude towards other nations or people. These traits attracted to OUN ranks the representatives of many nationalities.

Ukrainian liberation movement where Stepan Bandera was a bright figure endured for over 10 years after the end of the Second World War. It made an important contribution to the consequent collapse of the Soviet Union having put in the minds of many people the longing for freedom and independence. This finally contributed to the liberation from the "embrace" of Soviet empire of also Central European countries including today's Czech Republic" - notes Oleh Pankevych in his letter.

Press Service of Deputy of Ukraine Oleh Pankevych