Oleh Pankevych
Deputy of Ukraine
Member of the political council of "Svoboda"

June 20 2014 Oleh Pankevych: Because of non-fulfillment of border control strategy State budget has received 9.2 million euro less

Deputy Chairman of Svoboda Party, MP of Ukraine Oleh Pankevych addressed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk with MP's appeal referring to improper fulfillment of integrated border control strategy, in consequence of which the State budget of Ukraine didn't receive 9.2 million euro of the EU assistance. The MP demands explanation why the government didn't use these opportunities.

According to Oleh Pankevych, in 2014 Ukraine and the EU signed an agreement on budget support to assist Ukraine in implementing border management policy. "This initiative is designed to 2015. In its framework Ukraine assumed obligation to implement its own integrated border management strategy and agreed an action plan with boundary dates and success indicators.

If planned measures are implemented timely and successfully, the EU committed to transfer to the State budget 60 million euro.

In addition, in the framework of the assistance to Ukraine, technical equipment was passed. However, due to the poor fulfillment of the agreed action plan Ukraine lost 9.2 million euro when received the first budget support tranche. Moreover, 25 million euro in the form of "fixed tranches", transferred to Ukraine for the past seven months, has not been spent yet.

As far as I know, by the end of the year, the EU also plans to purchase additional equipment for the border service to the tune of 8 million euro," - said in the appeal.

In this regard, the MP asks for the detailed list of equipment that was transferred from the European Union, indicating its functional purpose and where and how it is used. He also asks to explain the reasons for the poor fulfillment of the agreed action plan, in consequence of which the State budget of Ukraine didn't receive 9.2 million euro of the EU assistance, and non-use of "fixed tranches" in recent months, particularly in view of the urgent need of border service for almost all infrastructure elements and the urgent need for technological upgrading.

Press Service of Svoboda