Oleh Pankevych
Deputy of Ukraine
Member of the political council of "Svoboda"

September 2 2014 Oleh Pankevych: Unsure statements of OSCE chief as to the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine only play in Putin's favour

The OSCE Secretary General's statements that he finds it difficult to confirm presence of Russian troops in Ukraine are damaging and only play in favour of Putin's regime. This is how Oleh Pankevych, Deputy Head of Svoboda commented on OSCE Secretary General's comments as to the presence of Russian troops in the eastern Ukraine.

In his interview to BBC, OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier commented on the issue of Russian troops' presence in eastern Ukraine. In particular, OSCE Chief said: "They [Russian citizens] were always there arriving possibly for various reasons and supporting separatists. We have this evidence as we talked with the people coming there in private capacity. Nevertheless, whether there are Russian military units besides those that we all saw and besides those military that Ukrainians captured - it is more difficult to demonstrate".

According to Oleh Pankevych, OSCE Chief's political attitude is quite dangerous since the aggressor regularly uses positions of international organisations as a facade to hide its military aggression. "Such vague formulations only play in favour of international aggressor which is Russian Federation. Yet OSCE Head himself recognises in his comments that "there are Russian troops". Nothing to add. There are troops. They are registered. They entered Ukraine as a fully equipped battle group. This is registered and recognised by many states and international organisations including the USA, EU member states and NATO. It is recognised by a member of Russian Federation's Council on Civil Society Development Ella Poliakova. Hundreds of soldiers' mothers in Russia can not wait to see their sons from "war games". At the Vybuty village's cemetery near Pskov the graves of the paratroopers who died "during war games" (that is in Ukraine) were deprived of the name plates and wreaths, were put under permanent guard to keep it off curiosities.

Perhaps, OSCE does not have sufficient grounds to confidently state that Russian military contingent is present in Ukraine. Equally "one can not say with confidence" who downed the Malaysian Boeing; "one can not say with confidence" that Putin controls the terrorist groups in eastern Ukraine. However, under the circumstances such OSCE position and statements are damaging and only serve as a license for further acts of impunity by bloody Putin regime in Ukraine.

I would like to call upon foreign political leaders and official representatives of international organisations: if you are still not sure of the direct military intervention of Russian Federation in Ukraine, it is worth abstaining from the comments that do not bring any clarity to the situation while paving the way to further escalation of the conflict" - noted Oleh Pankevych.

Press Service of Deputy of Ukraine Oleh Pankevych