Oleh Pankevych
Deputy of Ukraine
Member of the political council of "Svoboda"

September 2 2014 Oleh Pankevych: Unsure statements of OSCE chief as to the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine only play in Putin's favour

The OSCE Secretary General's statements that he finds it difficult to confirm presence of Russian troops in Ukraine are damaging and only play in favour of Putin's regime. This is how Oleh Pankevych, Deputy Head of Svoboda commented on OSCE Secretary General's comments as to the presence of Russian troops in the eastern Ukraine.

August 28 2014 Oleh Pankevych to Czech President: We do not have a civil war, but Russian invasion

"It is not a civil war ongoing in Ukraine, but Russian military incursion. It is evidenced by hundreds of dead Russian commandos whose bodies are regularly transported via Ukrainian-Russian border". This is written in the Deputy Head of Svoboda, MP Oleh Pankevych's address to the Czech Ambassador Ivan Pochukha regarding the statements of Czech President Miloš Zeman about the situation in Ukraine.

August 4 2014 Oleh Pankevych: The aggressor should feel not only financial hunger, but also principal impossibility to modernise its army

Svoboda people deputies Oleh Pankevych and Taras Osaulenko registered draft Resolution "On appeal of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the National Assembly of the French Republic". Svoboda MPs call upon the French parliamentarians to block the transfer of Mistral-class amphibious assault ships to Russia as under the current circumstances this may boost the offensive potential of the Russian aggressor.

July 11 2014 Comment as to the statements of the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov

During the 9th July meeting in Moscow between the Foreign Ministers of Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and his Italian counterpart Federica Mogherini, Mr Lavrov afforded a number of attacks vis-a-vis Ukraine.

July 4 2014 Oleh Pankevych: I call upon the French government to treat Russia as an aggressor

On 3rd July the delegation of the European Affairs Committee within the National Assembly of the Republic of France met the representatives of Vekhovna Rada Committee on European Integration. Oleh Pankevych, Deputy Head of Svoboda party and Deputy Head of European Integration Committee took part in the gathering.

July 1 2014 Oleh Pankevych took part in the meeting with Latvian Saeima's deputies

On 1 July 2014 the Committee for European Integration of Verkhovna Rada held a meeting with the representatives of European Affairs Committee of Latvian Saeima. Oleh Pankevych, Deputy Head of "Svoboda" party took part in the meeting along with other committee members.

June 20 2014 Oleh Pankevych: Because of non-fulfillment of border control strategy State budget has received 9.2 million euro less

Deputy Chairman of Svoboda Party, MP of Ukraine Oleh Pankevych addressed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk with MP's appeal referring to improper fulfillment of integrated border control strategy, in consequence of which the State budget of Ukraine didn't receive 9.2 million euro of the EU assistance. The MP demands explanation why the government didn't use these opportunities.

June 17 2014 Oleh Pankevych held a meeting with Danish Parliament delegation

On June 17, 2014 Oleh Pankevych, Deputy Chairman of Svoboda Party, MP together with other Verkhovna Rada factions' representatives held a meeting with the delegation of Folketinget (Danish Parliament) Committee on European Affairs. The Danish delegation was headed by former Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller.

June 6 2014 Oleh Pankevych: Ukraine needs another "Normandy"

"The whole civilized world has to raise a new second front against the modern Nazism which threatens to ruin global peace and good neighborliness. If the world is not able to respond adequately today, Putin will move forward", Mr Oleh Pankevych, MP and Deputy Chairman of Svoboda Party was quoted as saying in respect of the 70th anniversary of allied forces landing troops' grounding in Normandy.

May 27 2014 Oleh Pankevych: Formation of Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Polish brigade is continuation of history of military cooperation between our nations

Experience of cooperation as part of the joint Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Polish military brigade will be useful for Ukraine, as it will be able to follow the high standards of our partners. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for European integration, Svoboda Party MP Oleh Pankevych, commenting on the government's decision on the formation of a joint military unit of Lithuanians and Poles.

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